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Since the inception of our company in 2009, Global Payout, Inc has been a leading provider of comprehensive and customized prepaid payment solutions for domestic and international organizations distributing money to its employees and members worldwide. Global's success in developing and implementing a Consolidated Payment Gateway(CPG) allowed our enterprise clients to provide direct bank account, mobile account, and prepaid card account options to a compliant constituency. The CPG served as a hub to international bank networks and processors, user mobile interfaces, and prepaid cards. Our CPG user and technical experience has laid the groundwork for Global to evolve as a new generation payment services provider by replacing legacy systems for processing currency and commodity transactions. This is all part of the digital disruption underlying the fintech industry. As the role and relevance of today's banks is shrinking, Global Payout is simultaneously helping the financial market to create better, faster, cheaper services for individuals, enterprises and governments.

According to a 2016 PWC Study interviewing over 500 CEOs and CIOs in banking and asset management in 46 countries, almost 25% thought the adoption of digital currency schemes could usurp the role of traditional financial processing. The study pointed to three main areas of disruption within legacy systems – Consumer Banking, Funds Transfers and Payments, and Investment and Wealth Management – all target markets for Global Payout! For the past year the management team at Global Payout focused its effort on strategic partnerships that can provide Global with a unified financial services platform including account verification and authentication, multi-currency transaction processing, commodity and precious metals reserve accounts, and liquidity options. This will set the stage for significant growth in 2016 and continued increases in revenue over the next two years.

To accomplish this growth, Global has contracted with a new international bank that will provide a cloud enabled platform for the trading and settlement of depository accounts. This is part of an overall strategy to connect customers worldwide through a banking portal structure in all countries. This country portal connection will allow foreign currency exchange, internal transfers, and commodity investments for its member customers no matter which country they conduct business. The executive team at Global Payout and its partner companies have designed and are implementing this integrated bank portal exchange that is known as an "emerging market hub network". This system provides a global, multi-asset exchange platform including a local deployment option, depository operations, surveillance software and due diligence acceptance for all accounts to meet all regulatory compliance.

Global Payout's new launch into the FINTECH industry offers individuals, enterprises and governments the opportunity to allow anyone, anywhere to buy and convert any form of currency or commodity inexpensively compared to the commercial banking industry. At Global Payout, we think that the world's population is denied access to affordable banking and we want to eliminate expensive currency exchanges and account maintenance fees traditionally charged by banks. We are in the beginning of developing a new financial ecosystem that will benefit individuals, companies and governments in all countries of the world. Let's join together and participate in the launch of this new and beneficial financial network!

James Hancock
Chief Executive Officer

Team Leadership

  • James Hancock

    Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

  • William Rochfort

    President, Sr. V.P. Sales and Marketing, Director

  • Joe Sebo

    Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Director

  • Billie Jo Smith

    Director of Communications