The Global Reserve Platform is the most powerful, customizable, and extensible platform to manage any financial product, including but not limited to:

  • Core and Traditional Banking Products
  • Mobile, Web, and Bot Banking
  • Prepaid Card, Debit Card, and Credit Card Management. Including Mobile and Web Onboarding.
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Merchant Payment Processing. Including Cards and Mobile Payments (NFC, QR Codes, SMS), Mobile Top-Ups, and Withdrawals.
  • Biometric Payments and Authentication Management
  • Bill Payments and P2P Payments
  • International Remittances
  • Government Benefits Management
  • Loans Management
  • SWIFT / ACH / SEPA Payments

More than ever, commercial enterprises and government institutions need powerful financial technology solutions that have the flexibility to deliver innovative customer centric services and drive operational efficiency gains throughout the organization.

The Global Reserve Platform(GRP) is a fully configurable, "banking-in-a-box" web-based platform that has been specifically designed to fulfill the front-to-back office processing requirements of foreign exchange and international payment service providers. The platform is powered by the Global Reserve Administrative module, which sits at the core of the application and can be customized by financial institutions to create its own bespoke SaaS solution.

    The GRP also consists of the intuitive and secure Client module, which is designed to address the e-banking needs of an institution's corporate and personal clients including:

  • On-Demand Virtual Account: Access to core banking products, mobile banking, prepaid and debit card management, credit card management, bill payment, FOREX services, international remittances, mobile top-up, loan management, government benefit payments, SWIFT and ACH transfers.
  • Foreign Exchange: FX engine accessing inter-bank liquidity for individuals making international money transfers and corporate clients making international payments and managing currency risks with forward contracts and market orders. Highly competitive real-time exchange rates and low transfer fees offered to over 150 countries.
  • Remittance: Cross-border payments in 100 countries.
  • Government National ID and Electronic Benefits Distribution: Instant and secure delivery of Government grants, financial benefits, programs and services. National Identification System (NIS) option to deliver bio-metric secure authentication for enrollment and "proof of life" for distribution of entitlement programs and healthcare.
  • Biometric Authentication: Biometric mobile app for mobile devices (iOS & Android). Allow client/agency to perform remote enrollments and/or proof of life verification via mobile facial recognition technology / fingerprint. The financial platform is equipped to decrypt, authenticate and process transactions that on a biometric or non-biometric Point of sale terminal. Converts images to binary code & stores it on the financial platform database.